Migrate 1

The Migrate 1 is a perfect solution for people who move fast and travel light. Delivered to your door as a flat pack system, the unit consists of 8 inner packing boxes with a larger outer skin which are all easily constructed in a matter of seconds. The kit also comes with sealing tape, tissue paper for fragile items and a security seal.

Simply pack your CD's, books, clothes and other similar items into the eight inner cartons. Once packed these 8 boxes fit snugly into the outer skin making a safe secure pallet system enabling you to ship general possessions door to door worldwide quickly and cost effectively.

Once delivered to your new home the cardboard boxes can easily be disposed of or broken down into flat units to be stored away for future use. For a fast efficient service, without the need for a full removal service this is the ideal solution.

Benefits also include:

Got more items than you thought? No problem just order another Migrate 1 or how ever many you need and calculate the cost online.

Container Specifications
Internal Dimensions
ME (x1)  
Length (cm) 98
Height (cm) 125
Width (cm) 98
Mymates (x8)
Length (cm) 45
Height (cm) 50
Width (cm) 45

Packaging options:

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