Migrate 2

For individuals & couples with a larger volume or variety of goods including the possibility of some furniture as well as general possessions, the Migrate 2 gives you all the secure features of the Migrate 1 but has been designed to allow you the benefits of our full range of packing services and additional products.

As with the Migrate 1 you can order a number of these secure units with each one holding the equivalent of 3, 3 seat sofas and 3 washing machines. Unlike the MG1 we will bring the crates to your door, help you to load and then take away again same day. The benefit of the MG2 is that when loaded into a shared container your household goods will remain safe, secure and protected from any other shipments. The cases can clearly be marked so as to distinguish them from other materials which may be subject to certain customs controls.

The unit is then easily handled at destination and delivered to your door.

Benefits also include:

What will fit into a Migrate 2?

You can fit in the equivalent of:

One 3 seat sofa, 2 armchairs, 1 TV, 1 video, 5 pictures and 15 large packing cartons

Container Specifications
Internal Dimensions
Length (cm) 220
Height (cm) 208
Width (cm) 114
External Dimensions
Length (cm) 224
Height (cm) 117
Width (cm) 224

Packaging options:

Once you are satisfied that you have selected the correct product to suits your needs, simply select the level of packaging. For the full range of our packaging services, look at our packing section.